Why Am I Here?

Not merley to provide your self indulgent curiosity of existence and creation. But, in todays world specifically, why am I here?

Why have I chosen this geographical location to once again, settle myself and re-locate the people & things that mean the most to me? I couldn’t possibly bring everything, and, anything to this place that has meaning to me. Why? Simply because, there isn’t enough room. It would also mean that, those things and people, that have found their place, would be at some kind of lose if I carelessly picked and plundered my way through my own past, to place them here.

I have found that I have returned to my place of birth, and yes, maybe even my place of origin. How could it have been any different, what were my obstacles, are my current obstacles of my doing, or yours? Did you lead me here, or did I chose it on my own?

I do know the answer to the question regarding being lead, or choosing on my own. I do believe I have made my own choices with little to no opportunity to have made it any differently.

It has not been an easy path, and yes, it has been a long one.

Am I finished? No, I am not. How will you know? Does it even matter to me if you know or not? Probably not. Have you shown care & guidance as you shepherded? That question is for you to decide, as it may be laced with your own guilt. Were we not suppose to be a community? Yes. Are we? No.

I believe I have arrived at my own conclusions as to “why am I here”. Will you learn about my reason as we proceed? Quite possibly not, because I returned to here, in a similar fashion as to the way I got here in the first place.

Only thing is, something’s are missing. Shall we proceed? Yes.


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