This Touch-less & Care-less World.

The other day I was filling in some personal information on my Pharmasists web-site to establish an account for myself, to ease my access to my information, and ease the delivery, ordering of re-fills and dispensing of my new prescription.

When I had completed this, I scrolled down to find “submit”, and in doing so was possed with the question, “I am not a robot”, yes/no.

My next step was to determine how I could comment, because I wanted to let them know, I wasn’t a robot, but I am thinking about it.

Why are we so wrapped up in expediting things we once took for granted, that provided better service, deeper ability to deliver exceptional customer service and provide more joy and pleasure in ones work, as to have turned so sharply into this manner of customer input with no employee participation?

It’s dawned on me that robots do exist. They are right there, behind the Pharmacie counter. Busy tearing off little bits of paper from the tops of printers, focused on counting pills from those fancy Pharmacy pill plates into those tiny little pill bottles, and snapping them closed.

Gone are the days of a one styled transaction here. Today, once you’re known to the computer, and know how to use it, you have the distinct pleasure of turning your own Pharmacist into a robot.

Direct billing, direct ordering, and all you have to do, is say thank you robot.


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