First thing first, identity, then brand.

Identity, HotelBastard.

Hello, first thing first. Why HotelBastard?

Hotel is not the reason individuals and groups are motivated to travel. Knowing hotel managers, sales managers and the like in my past, many were focused on the individualistic approach of boasting their jacuzzi was a better jacuzzi, their breakfast service began at 5:00am, their hotel provided all the services and amenities any discriminating traveller would find desirable at their destination.

At their destination is were I would like to begin. First question, “why are you here”? In college I learned, and later in my professional hotel career, I learned to identify and then apply a few key motivators for travel, additionally I learned and swore to, the Canadian definition of, “a tourist”. Key motivators include, and not limited to, religion, sport, historical, business, and visiting friends & relatives. The Canadian definition of a tourist, that I shall continue to use is, you must have travelled more than 100km’s from home and, spend the night. That’s it, that’s all. Where one chooses to spend their night, is of no concern, a basement visit at your friends or relatives, can be an equal experience, as the jacuzzi suite in a hotel.

Resorts are not hotels. Why, because resorts are destinations, resorts, all inclusive or not, are the be all and end all of a tourists journey. They are attracted to an experiential experience that includes, golf, family activities, seaside escapes, local dining that elevate the senses, such as not ordering, fresh lobster, but ordering, local catch of the day that turns out to be, lobster. The smell of the air, the fresh sunburn, the memory of fishing boats from the days stroll, the walk back along resort paths that provide smells of fresh herbs, the site of clover in the grass, the busyness of honey bees, all providing their contribution in germinating, and generating your scenes and interest in your evenings visit to the dinning room.

As you may have just picked up on, I have resort employment history, focused on 4-star, unobtrusive dining, conference&convention services and Director of Sales. I also have a lengthier and, eclectic hotel employment history. Casting back my mind, and then brining it forward again solidified my decision to be, HotelBastard. From this standpoint, it is my intention to focus on the motivation of tourists, travellers and the like to heel. Hey, you, now read this, … . And once you’ve read and contemplated my article, done a comparative shop, or been told by your travelling companion(s) to, book it. It would be your turn to heel. Your primary drive to, heel, is driven by conviction. Once convinced of primary objectives for your voyage, once your personal R.O.I. has been determined and once that first transaction has occurred, your travel begins.

Please move forward recognizing your interest(s) in a journey, a shared small movement in others and recognize the areas, regions and interests that awake you and provide evidence and backing for your motivation to travel.

Bon Voyage,



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